Sunday, September 9, 2012

Words of Heart and Soul ~ Murals of Lust

Murals of Lust
By Raavee and Shey

By Shey

She waits naked prone in supplication
For His return
Her day has been long
Her job stressful
Now she is home
His meal cooked
All his favorites
She waits
He arrives
Studying her He walks around her
His hand extends brushing against her hair
Her head lifts till
Her lips meet His cock in greeting
He reaches for her hand coaxing her to stand
Take her lips in passion and releases her
He takes His seat the evening paper in hand
She returns at His feet
His drink in her hand
He take it with a smile
Her gaze questioning
He nods His approval
Her hands unzip His pants
She takes Him in her mouth
And loves Him to His release
He lifts her chin to look in her eyes
What she sees in His is all she needs
She is home

Murals of Lust is a collection of mild to erotic short stories and poems.

Amazon Available in English, French, & Spanish
Barnes & Noble Available in English & Spanish

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