Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pillow Talk ~ Satisfying Sweets

There are many items on the market to enhance and heat up passion. Numerous ones are edible and come in a variety of flavors that satisfy not only your sexual appetite, but your sweet tooth as well. 
Here are a few of the products my customers love:

Nipple Nibbler ~ cool and creamy balm creates a tingling sensation

Tingling Sugar Dust ~ makes the body smell and taste delicious, tingling the tongue when licked

Kiss of Fire ~ edible sensuous massage oil, warms to the touch and breath

Cake Body Butter ~ delicious and kissable

Cake Body Spray ~ delicious and kissable

Cake Edible Lube ~ mouthwatering flavors

Sex Tarts ~ tangy lube

Sizzling Body Candy ~ add a little pop to your oral pleasure

Unleash Yourself,

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pillow Talk ~ Fanning the Flames

Is the romance in your life fizzling instead of sizzling? Here are a few tips to heating and igniting the flames of passion.

Plan a special surprise evening for your partner.

If you have children, make plans for them to be away for the night.
Prepare his favorite meal.

Create an atmosphere of romance by dimming the lights down low, add candle light, and have soft sensual music playing in the background.

Pamper yourself with a fragrant bath. You may even add a touch of Pure Instinct, a sex attractant cologne, to the water for added sensuality.

Greet him at the door wearing a sexy maid costume, or just an apron, thong, and high heels. Most straight men have fantasies, he is sure to love being greeted and served dinner by a sexy maid.

An evening like this is sure to light his fire.

Unleash Yourself,

Friday, August 24, 2012

Pillow Talk ~ Tighten It Up

As women, we want our bodies to look and feel good. We can achieve this by exercising and eating well. Sometimes we overlook an exercise we should be doing daily. Every day without fail, I do my Kegel exercises.

Kegel exercises are not only for tightening the vagina muscles, but are also essential for preventing or prolonging the onset of pelvic organ prolapse. Pelvic organ prolapse is caused by the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles, due to pregnancy or being overweight causing the muscles to descend into your vagina.

Kegel exercises can be done anywhere and anytime. To find the right muscles, you can insert your finger into the vagina and squeeze. If you feel the vagina muscles tighten and the pelvic floor moves upward, then you are doing them correctly. 

Another way to exercise the vagina muscles is to insert Ben Wa Balls and practice walking without them falling out.

Doing Kegel exercises may help women who have difficulty achieving orgasms. Your man will love to feel your pussy spasm around his cock, as it heightens his pleasure.

Unleash Yourself

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Talk Kink ~ BDSM Humor

If you have friends in the BDSM world and you call them up and their voicemail says they’re all tied up, do not call right back. 

If you have a male friend in the BDSM world and he brags that his wife has a red ass, even though you may wonder why he is so happy she is mad, don’t ask.

Why wannabes can’t read? Their little head only has one eye and it is usually draining.

If you have a male lifestyle friend who is passive, and eager to please he is not pussy whipped, but wants to be whipped with a single tail.

When your Dom has you on orgasm denial, remember orgasms are like chocolate chips cookies; if no one sees you have one, it doesn’t count. Fuck it! When you need one you need one. 

Never flirt with another sub’s Dominant unless you want to do his cooking, cleaning, and laundry.

A sub’s wardrobe never needs to be sent to the cleaners, high heels can’t be dry cleaned.

What do call a sub that has free time? Unclaimed

You know you are a submissive, when you are disappointed that your Dom brings home a new leash, and it’s for the dog and not for you.

You might be a switch if you don’t know which end is up, but you want to be the top and the bottom.

Unleash Yourself,

Monday, August 20, 2012

Talk Kink ~ Safety First

As a sex toy consultant, I am often asked questions on bondage from customers who would like to add a little kink to their lives.

One day Heaven and I were discussing the dangers of trying something new, especially BDSM, without having knowledge or the right materials. After our conversation, Heaven wrote a blog post on bondage safety for her “Tie Me Up Tuesday,” blog series.

With her permission I am re-posting it on my blog.

Safety First
by Heaven O'Shey

Bondage can be fun, but it can be dangerous if you do not follow safety guidelines.

Some important things to remember are:

Negotiations - Know your partner’s skills, their limitations, medical history, and that there is a level of trust between you. Make sure that a safeword or hand signal is agreed upon ahead of time.

Bondage Materials - Only use quality ropes, handcuffs, chains, tapes, or other restraints specifically made for bondage. Do not use the same rope with which you have roped the cow. Also, do not use silk ties, scarves, nylons or the plastic tie wraps, as these can tighten up, cut in the skin, or restrict circulation. This is especially true when used by inexperienced people.

Safety Equipment - Before starting any bondage activity, have on hand a safety kit, which is fully equipped for emergencies. This kit should contain blunt nose EMT bandage scissors, disposable gloves, sterile bandages and tape, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, antibiotic ointment, a portable defibrillator, and an epi-pen. These are just few suggestions. You can probably think of others things based on you and partner’s needs.

A phone should be nearby to call paramedics, if needed. If using a cell, make sure you have service in the area.

Safe Practices - If you have not taken a class in the art of bondage from a professional you should refrain from extreme forms of bondage. You must be diligent in checking your partner’s restraints to assure that their circulation is not impaired. This must be done a minimum of every few minutes. Never do bondage alone, always have back up in case of an emergency. Never mix alcohol or drugs when participating in any form of bondage.

NEVER EVER leave a person that is tied up alone, even for a minute.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Pillow Talk ~ Looking Good

One of the ways to enhance and heat up the passion in the bedroom is when you feel good about you. When you look and feel sexy you are more likely to have a more pleasurable experience. 

Think about it. When your body is not what you feel is idea, (and it should always be what you think it should be, not others), it can cause self-esteem concerns and hinder you from enjoying life in and out of the bedroom.

However, life gets in the way of you being able to spend the time needed to take care of yourself. You may have a career, children, and a husband and their needs take precedence. You don’t always have time to go to the gym or eat healthy foods as you should. Then the pounds and inches creep on and you become more sluggish. When the children are in bed and the chores are done, you might not have the energy for passion.

Although I do not have children or a husband, as I have aged, it has been harder for me to keep my body looking as good as I would like. I do have a few problem areas that I can’t seem to get in shape. Being on the road often with my job and other projects, I tend to eat out more often and do not always have the time to go to the gym or exercise at home.

Now I have found a solution that works for me and many others. It involves no grueling exercises and about an hour a week. It also has curbed my appetite. My body is now becoming leaner, toner, and firmer. I am amazed at how simple this is to do, and it’s all natural. 

Stop by my site "Great New You," and see the before and after pictures. 

Soon you will feel and look like a great new you and will be able to ignite the flames of passion.

Unleash Yourself,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

All About Shey

As some you know I am Heaven O’Shey’s twin sister, Shey. I am the black sheep of the family, no not really, just a little more adventurous, outgoing, and naughtier. Yet, I am a Southern lady, living and loving with passion.

I am also an author of BDSM, sexy stories, and poetry, a sex toy peddler, and a sex advice counselor. As a submissive and very knowledgeable of the lifestyle, I write and advise from experience.